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Find Out More About The Church at Litchfield Park.

Wondering What The Church at Litchfield Park Is All About?

Our monthly membership orientation is just the place to get some of your questions answered. We would love to walk alongside you as you explore why you should consider membership at CLP, the different ways of becoming a member at CLP, what we offer you on the journey, and what we ask of our members.

WHEN: The third Sunday of every month
TIME: 8:45am
LOCATION: Fireside Room South

There Are Four Ways to Join The Church at Litchfield Park

  • Affirmation of Faith: This is the decision to publicly profess one's faith in Christ; it is available to those who have not previously joined a church or made a profession of faith. Baptism is required, either prior to or at the time of membership.
  • Reaffirmation of Faith: This is the means available to those who are baptized Christians and/or have held previous membership in a church and have been inactive for a number of years, or whose church will not grant a letter of transfer.
  • Transfer of Membership: For those who presently have an active membership in a church that will grant a letter of transfer.
  • Associate Membership: This is available to those who desire to continue their membership in a home church and also wish to become a member of our church.

What We Offer You on Your Journey

Our church operates as a family. This means that we operate on the basis of relationship rather than rules. You will find spiritual brothers and sisters here. Our church operates as a fellowship. We are diverse, but united because the same Spirit has given grace to the whole. You will find people who support one another and who will support you. Our church operates as a body. As different parts of the body of Christ, we are different from one another, yet we each contribute what no other could to the united whole.

What We Ask Our Members to Pledge

  • Your actions: to live Christian lives, and to attend regular church worship and celebration of the Lord's Supper.
  • Your gifts: to share in the life and work of the church, and to contribute regularly to the church's support and benevolences.
  • Your service: to pursue diligently the spiritual well-being of the community.