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We are at the beginning of another year and there is a lot of excitement for the many ways we serve God, CLP and you. The January board meeting had a full agenda and following is a brief outline:

Master Plan Committee:  Presented the architect proposal for PAX Phase 1a to the board.  Based on the scope of work ADM Group proposed fees of $193,500* plus up to $5,000* in reimbursable expenses. (NOTE:  Architect fees are typically ten percent of project cost.)  Payments are made as each phase is completed.  The board approved this proposal unanimously.  The architect proposal phases are:

  • Pre-Design Phase – provide the civil design and a base site plan for architecture, landscape architecture and the underground utilities.
  • Schematic Design Phase Services - Architect meets with staff/groups and prepares options for exterior and interior designs; reviews laws, codes, and regulations; determine detail designs (windows, doors, etc.).
  • Design Development Phase Services - Documents consist of drawings to include plans, sections, elevations, typical construction details and building layouts based on the character of the approved designs and elements.
  • Construction Documents Phase Services - Architect provides construction drawings based on previous phases.  This is needed to apply for permits and this phase typically takes the longest.
  • Procurement Phase Services (Bidding/Negotiating/Permitting) - Architect will assist CLP in obtaining at least three competitive bids for contractors based on scope of work.
  • Construction Phase Services - Architect to provide administration of the contract between CLP and the contractor during the construction phase. 

The architect shall have authority to act on behalf of CLP only to the extent provided within the owner/architect agreement.  The Master Plan Committee will work with the architect during all phases and present each phase to the board for approval.  One person, currently Ken Martin, will be delegated to communicate with the architect.

Parking Study:  The City requires CLP to do a parking study to determine if CLP meets the current parking ordinance.  It will also assist the Master Plan Committee in outlining current and future parking designs. This study is a requirement for any permits.  Based on the scope of work, CivTech, proposed doing this study for $6,000*.  This proposal was passed at the January board meeting.

Capital Campaign Committee:  Finalizing the brochure and slide presentation, organizing PAX fund raising events, and setting up small group discussions with the congregation and groups on campus.

*NOTE:  The ADM Group and CivTech fees are being paid out of the Capital Campaign checking account.  Current account balance exceeds $779,600 that includes the Brubaker Family gift that is designated to be used for building/renovation expenses.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the church office, leaving your name and telephone number, and a board member will contact you directly. Thank you.

Board of Directors
The Church at Litchfield Park