We're Growing In Our Faith

Christian women growing in and sharing their faith yearn to do more than just attend Sunday services. They want to make friends and share companionship, find and develop opportunities to serve others, and celebrate being part of a sisterhood of believers. The women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and support us when we’re strong.

We’re Building a Strong Sisterhood

We are meant to be in community with others in both large and smaller groups. Whether you are a member, visitor or friend, large events such as In The Garden, Christmas Tea, Mother’s Day salad luncheon, overnight or day-long retreats bring women together in fellowship.

These events encourage women to seek deeper involvement and come together in small groups, known as Life Groups. Each Life Group is individually developed around a video or book study, crafts such as needlework, a meal or special time together, with bible study or devotionals and service also being part of the small group experience. These small groups evolve into a safe place to share deeply, to encourage and uplift others in difficult circumstances, and become more empathetic and understanding of those around us. All women are welcome to join the sisterhood.