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Track Time and Talent

Members support CLP by contributing their time and talents.

Record Your Time

Our church is supported by many members contributing their time and talents in support of the many ministies of the church. Each member is asked to submit their hours spent working on a church project, attending a church meeting, or other church activity. Please click the blue button below to submit your hours.

Form Instructions

Click the button below to access the online form for reporting your church volunteer hours. No more emailing your hours for manual input! This will go directly into a spread sheet for sorting.

The form is to be used for a single entry. For example, if you have hours for ushering, fellowship, and missions, you will need to do three separate entries. When you enter your first entry, at the end after submit, you will be given the option to add another entry. So simple!

You can also add hours from previous months. Just be sure to chose the correct quarter of the year.

Click Here to Record Your Volunteer Hours