The Church at Litchfield Park strives to love and serve ALL people through Christ.
Core Values

Acceptance – We have welcoming hearts, so we value ACCEPTANCE. Redeemed by Christ’s love we have been made whole and therefore embrace all.

Worship – We have faithful hearts, so we value WORSHIP. We seek to connect with Christ as the Spirit moves us through music, the written word, personal testimony, and quiet reflection.

Prayer – We have humble hearts, so we value PRAYER. Praying to God, in Jesus’ name, guides us as we follow Christ and serve others.

Education – We have inquisitive hearts, so we value EDUCATION. By engaging God’s word, we seek to better understand how to receive and share the Lord’s love with all.

Community – We have loving hearts, so we value COMMUNITY. We strive to be a gathering place for all and together we volunteer and serve the community.

Stewardship – We have grateful hearts, so we value STEWARDSHIP. We acknowledge that all we have comes from God. As stewards of God’s gifts, we manage ourselves and our possessions in service to God.